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Understanding the College Application Process & the Common App
For Parents and Students

Generally speaking if students plan to be finished by October 20th, 2022 for November 1 deadlines and October 31st, 2022 for all other deadlines they will be in the best position to meet all deadlines and not feel overwhelmed at the end of the semester. Unless someone is using rolling admission which can be open through January and February.  Students must know their own deadlines!

General Resources:

The College Application Process: A Presentation by Mrs. Volker 

Class of 2023 College Application Guide 8 basic steps and also specific instructions
for the Common App and for Applying directly to a University

College Deadlines: A Cheat Sheet 

Google Classroom Students remember that all these resources and more are
 available on Google Classroom.

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Students with last names L-Z  a7xgfkg

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Resources:

 Click here for links to the Financial Aid 101 Presentation given by Sinclair Community College

Click here for Sinclair's short video clips on filling out the FAFSA

The FAFSA opens October 1 of each year and is based on the previous year's taxes (2021 taxes for the 2023/2024 school year when filling it out in the fall of 2022).  Both parent and student will need to create a FSA ID to represent their respective signature. The actual FAFSA account should be created in the student's name, social security number and birth date. A completed application is necessary for all financial aid, scholarships and grants.


Scholarship 101: $ can be sought after from different places
1. (NOW) Scholarship, loan and grant money can come to you as part of the application process at a college.  They see your application and your merit or need and they decide to provide you with funds. You must complete the FAFSA for this to happen and you won't hear about it until January/February or later.
2. (LATER) Once you've decided to attend a certain college; many universities have what's called "Scholarship Universe" on their Financial Aid web pages and this will list other scholarship opportunities at the school you'll be attending that you can apply for.
3. (NOW) You can search for scholarships on the Internet using some of the websites below. These are often sponsored by companies like Coca-Cola and tend to have deadlines that are before December 31, 2022. (see the attached current list at bottom of this email)
4. (NOW and LATER) You can apply for local scholarships through Naviance beginning in January. However, there are also some state and national ones listed now. Log into Naviance and choose "Colleges" and then "Scholarship Search"
We encourage you to start applying now. Going Merry is a good first step since it's a scholarship search that acts like the Common App. Once you've made an application you can easily hit "apply" on many different options.