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AP Testing


The Advanced Placement Program (AP) program is a set of college-level courses taught by Kings high school teachers.  The course content and syllabus are written by the College Board (university professors and AP teachers) to provide the academic rigor and challenge of a freshman college course.  AP Courses are open to all students who have met the course prerequisite and academic guidelines.

AP Exams

Each year in May, students in AP classes will take the Advanced Placement Examinations.  Each examination is approximately three hours in length.  Final grades based on the student’s entire examination of free response and multiple-choice questions are reported on the five-point scale below.  In-state public colleges may grant credit for a score of 3 or higher.  Private and out of state schools generally issue credit for scores of 3 or higher, however, it is advisable to check with the admissions office for verification.  The AP exam fee is the responsibility of the student.

5 extremely qualified
4 well-qualified
3 qualified
2 possibly qualified
1 no recommendation

AP Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule