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Honors Diploma


Ohio’s Honors Diploma program recognizes students who exceed minimum graduation requirements through taking rigorous coursework and engaging in robust, real-world experiences.  

Students can pursue an Honor’s Diploma in 5 different areas:
Academic Honors
Career Tech Honors
STEAM Honors
Fine Arts Honors
Social Science & Engagement Honors

Students may earn one or more honors diplomas as established by the Ohio Department of Education. These designations will be recognized at Commencement and also noted on their diploma as a gold seal.

Overview: Why an Honor's Diploma

Honors Diploma Video: Mrs. Murray's debut

Honors Diploma Types & Criteria for each

Honors Diploma Course Matrix

All of the Honors Diplomas require a Porfolio of work and a Field Experience except for the Academic Honors Diploma. Please see the guidelines below. 

Portfolio Requirements

Field Experience  Students considering completing a Field Experience as criteria for an Honors Diploma should speak to their counselor before starting the experience to make sure it meets criteria.