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Visual Arts Philosophy

The Visual Arts Department at Kings High School allows students to experience various art media that stimulates the imagination, develops self-esteem and encourages personal exploration. Individually, they will become more creative and perceptive, and be able to connect visual knowledge to other subjects by responding with innovation, understanding, flexibility and imagination.

By studying art, students will discover how people communicate, not only with words but through images.

Instruction is offered in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital media arts, design, and portfolio development.

We strive to reach the following goals which incorporate the visual art content standards set forth by the state of Ohio:

  • Set high expectations and provide strong support for artistic achievement by all students.

  • Learn techniques and methods of various art processes.

  • Appreciation of the arts as an academic discipline.

  • Provide balance among conceptual understanding, procedural knowledge and critical thinking skills, problem-solving and application.

  • Work effectively in group settings.

  • Develop interests for life long learning.

  • Represent the knowledge and skills needed in visual communications to make a successful transition to post-secondary education, the workplace and daily life.

  • Focus on important visual art concepts that are well-articulated through benchmarks and grade-level indicators.