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Office address:

5820 Columbia Road
Mason, OH  45040

Transportation Supervisor:

        Nick Darnell
513.398.8050 ext. 10023





Assistant Transportation Supervisor:

    Twanya Bedell
513.398.8050 ext. 10034




Hours of Operation:



5:00 am - 5:00 pm

The responsibility of transporting your children to and from school starts before the bus arrives at the bus stop. Please remember to have your child at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus and have them waiting in their assigned safety spots that the driver will go over with each student. It is important for the student to be in that safe spot as the bus approaches so the driver will be looking for them. For safety's sake, students waiting in vehicles is not acceptable and not safe. Sometimes the buses are a few minutes late; this is because of traffic issues with red lights, car crashes, etc. Please instruct your children that the rules on the bus need to be observed at all times. Please remind your student that the bus is an extension of the classroom and all unacceptable behaviors on the bus will be submitted to the school for potential disciplinary action. Should an issue arise with the bus stop or the times of the stop, please contact the transportation office with your concerns. Talking with the driver about this causes the driver to be late for the rest of the bus stops.

Image of school bus

Transportation Resources

12 Rules for School Bus Safety
School Bus Danger Zone
Student Pick Up and Drop Off
Safe Crossing Procedure

Bus Stop Lookup 

Click here to find your student's bus route.

** Your username and password are the same; the first five letters of your child's last name, a dot, the first letter of your child's first name, a dot, then your child's student ID number (this is the same number they use in the cafeteria when buying lunch).  


Example: Username: smith.j.987654
               Password: smith.j.987654



ID: First name.Last name
Password: Home Phone Number
Example: Username: joe.smith
Password: 5135555555

**Once on the Versatrans site, click Work With Students, and then View My Students to view your student's information.**